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Ananth G Pai's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Biography

VU2PAI, Ananth Pai, or Paimam as fondly known left us on 14 July 2019. Down to earth and ever friendly Pai's love for Ham Radio was evident to anyone involved with ham radio. Pai was a people's person. Making friends with one and all as he trotted the globe - for hamming or otherwise. One single QSO was all it took to be left with his indelible mark. Any which way you look at Pai hamming, he was truly India's ham radio ambassador. Dear Pai, the Hill topping event on Bababudangiri in February was the last field day with you. We will miss you dear Pai - we didn't even get a chance to say 73. We will cherish the times together and the so many things we learnt from you. Ciao Pai! 73 & 88, MARC team